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These are a few of our favorites.


1. Mindsight by Dr.Dan Siegel (learning about mindfulness and how this helps us enhance our lives)

2. Attached: The New Science on Adult Attachment and How You Can Find and Keep Love by Amir Levine (fabulous relationship book and for individuals looking for deeper understanding around connection)

3. Monterey Bay, Live jellyfish camera (for mindful breaks with majestic visuals and music)

4. Having a morning (or evening) ritual- a time to ground in reflection, prayer, meditation, journal and/or gratitude. (Personally I usually light a candle and have a cup of coffee in hand)

5. Taking three minutes (this is all that is needed for a 'reset' of the body and calmer version of self)

6. Spending time in blue and/or green space (heading to the lake, pool, or park-like areas). Research shows looking and being close to these environments show mind/body improvement).

7. The Color Monster: A Story about Emotions by Anna Llenas (fantastic children's book, I recommend the pop-up version)

8. The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel van der Kolk (how trauma is stored in the body, long read and worth it)

9. (excellent daily, guided meditations, relaxing music, and sleep stories- with a children's section as well!)

10. Taking three deep breaths. (This 'pause' allows the body and mind to reconnect and give 'space' to the problem at hand)

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